with best produce available,
wild fish and fine wines
Greek & Seafood
Dining Room
Our menu evolves with the seasons, showcasing vegetables and wild fish or seafood. We pay meticulous attention to the details—olive oil, anchovies, butter, sea salt—ensuring everything hits the mark.

While we are committed to delivering exceptional food, we maintain a cool, relaxed, and slightly funky atmosphere. We invite our guests to not only enjoy the cuisine but also to immerse themselves in the positive vibes and laid-back ambiance.

Explore our distinctive fish presentation, choose from our impressive wine selections, groove to some funk and soul tunes, and bask in the vintage vibes with elegant plates and glasses in our dining room. It's a complete and immersive experience!
Gift Card
Finding the perfect gift can be a bit tricky, but with a Porto Ydra Gift Card, you're giving your friends and family the freedom to choose something they'll really enjoy. Just reach out to our dining room to specify the desired value and make it happen!
Sun–Tue 12–23
Wed–Sat 12–00
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